Extends [Event](

The MouseEvent object is received by the [Item](’s mouse event handlers item.onMouseDown, item.onMouseDrag, item.onMouseMove, item.onMouseUp, item.onClick, item.onDoubleClick, item.onMouseEnter and item.onMouseLeave. The MouseEvent object is the only parameter passed to these functions and contains information about the mouse event.


  • type

    The type of mouse event.

    • Values:

      • 'mousedown', 'mouseup', 'mousedrag', 'click', 'doubleclick', 'mousemove', 'mouseenter', 'mouseleave'

    • Type:

      • String

  • point

    The position of the mouse in project coordinates when the event was fired.

    • Type:

      • Point

  • target

    The item that dispatched the event. It is different from currentTarget when the event handler is called during the bubbling phase of the event.

    • Type:

      • Item

  • currentTarget

    The current target for the event, as the event traverses the scene graph. It always refers to the element the event handler has been attached to as opposed to target which identifies the element on which the event occurred.

    • Type:

      • Item

  • delta

    • Type:

      • Point


  • toString()

    • Returns:

    • String — a string representation of the mouse event

Properties inherited from Event

  • timeStamp

    The time at which the event was created, in milliseconds since the epoch.

    Read only.

    • Type:

      • Number

  • modifiers

    The current state of the keyboard modifiers.

    Read only.

    • Type:

      • object

    • See also:

      • Key.modifiers

Methods inherited from Event

  • preventDefault()

    Cancels the event if it is cancelable, without stopping further propagation of the event.

  • stopPropagation()

    Prevents further propagation of the current event.

  • stop()

    Cancels the event if it is cancelable, and stops stopping further propagation of the event. This is has the same effect as calling both stopPropagation() and preventDefault().

    Any handler can also return false to indicate that stop() should be called right after.